Tatyana Gindin

Tatyana Gindin


Senior Computational Scientist

After completing her clinical training in Hematopathology, Tatyana Gindin joined the laboratory of Barry Honig as clinical research fellow in 2012.  She worked on development and application of biophysical and bioinformatics methods to study energetic origins of protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions.  Specific applications included exploration of specificity and improvement of antibodies directed against HIV-1 gp120 envelope protein.  Tatyana's current project is concentrating on using genome-wide protein-protein interaction networks developed in Dr. Honig's laboratory to study cancer regulatory logic in the effort to understand the origins of cancer tumorigenesis and identify novel targets for therapeutics development.

Education History

Fellowship in Hematopathology, Columbia University Medical Center

Residency in Clinical Pathology, Columbia University Medical Center

MD/PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine                                                                         Biomedical Sciences

BS, Carnegie Mellon University                                                                                         Biophysics


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