Xiaojian Wang

Xiaojian Wang


Lab Manager

Xiaojian Wang is lab manager in the laboratory of Chaolin Zhang, where she works closely with Dr. Zhang, postdocs, and graduate students in designing, carrying out, and coordinating research. Currently, work in the lab is focused on understanding RNA binding proteins and alternative splicing underlying neurodevelopment and related diseases.

Before joining the Zhang Lab, Xiaojian was lab manager for more than five years in the laboratory of George Mentis, also a member of Columbia’s Motor Neuron Center. Previously, she worked as a research technician for eight years in the lab of Howard Lieberman at the CUMC Center for Radiological Research. There she was involved in research projects on radio-resistance roles of the Rad9 gene in mice and humans. Prior to coming to Columbia University, Wang completed her MS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the Ohio State University, where her work focused on developmental biology.

Education History

MS, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Ohio State University

BM, Basic Medical Sciences
Beijing Medical University, China


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