Columbia / Illumina RNA-seq in Biomedical Research Workshop

Andrea Califano, Chaolin Zhang, Charles LeDuc, Xiaojun Feng, Michael G. Smith

Irving Cancer Research Center
1130 St. Nicholas Avenue
Room 116
New York, NY 10032

RNA-seq is a next-generation sequencing technique that measures the abundance of RNA transcripts in a sample. RNA-seq can be used to identify gene expression changes, alternative splicing events, allele-specific gene expression, gene fusion events, and novel transcripts across an entire genome. It is a powerful tool for understanding dynamics in the transcriptome, including gene expression level differences between different physiologic conditions, or changes that occur during development or over the course of disease progression.

Please join us to learn about the resources that the Columbia Genome Center provides, and for a series of scientific talks explaining how RNA-seq is enabling novel discoveries across a range of fields. 


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Tentative Schedule

Andrea Califano

Chair, Department of Systems Biology
From drug mechanism of action to patient care

Chaolin Zhang
Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Biology
Integrative analysis of transcriptome and protein-RNA interactome to elucidate RNA regulation

Charles LeDuc
Associate Research Scientist, Department of Pediatrics
Seeking a genetic cause for weight gain

Xiaojun Feng
Manager, Next-Generation Sequencing, Columbia Genome Center
Sequencing formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor transcriptomes

Michael G. Smith, PhD
Senior Sequencing Specialist, Northeast
RNA profiling using Illumina's NGS Technology

End of program

JP Sulzberger Columbia Genome Center