Research Seminar Series

Aditi Trehan and Itai A. Toker, PhD

Irving Cancer Research Center
1130 St. Nicholas Avenue
Room 816
New York, NY 10032

Seminars will feature short presentations from Ph.D. students, postdocs of our Department but also other trainees interested in presenting their research to our community. Aditi Trehan (Xuebing Wu Lab)  will present Programming phase separation for RNA-guided killing of cancer cells using CRISPR-Cas systems and Itai A. Toker, PhD (Oliver Hobert lab) will present Patterns of evolutionary change in the whole nervous system of distinct nematode species.  

This Series is a great opportunity for senior PhD students (4th year) and postdocs to showcase their research skills, practice their presentation skills, and socialize with other members of the Department. 

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3-19-2024 16:00:00
3-19-2024 18:00:00
Research Seminar Series
Aditi Trehan (Xuebing Wu Lab)
Itai A. Toker, PhD (Oliver Hobert lab)
Department of Systems Biology Common Room, ICRC 816