Barry Honig

Selected Publications

Trudeau, S.J., Hwang, H., Mathur, D., Begum, K., Petrey, D., Murray, D. and Honig, B. (2023) PrePCI: A Structure- and Chemical Similarity-Informed Database of Predicted Protein Compound Interactions. Protein Science e4594.

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Murray, D., Petrey, D. and Honig, B. (2021) Integrating 3D Structural Information into Systems Biology. J. Biol. Chem. 296:100562

Lasso, G., Honig, B. and Shapira, S. (2021) A Sweep of Earth’s Virome Reveals Host-Guided Viral Protein Structural Mimicry and Points to Determinants of Human Disease. Cell Systems. 12:82-91. Featured article.

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