Dennis Vitkup


Columbia Awarded NCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology
The Center for Cancer Systems Therapeutics (CaST) is developing a framework that can account for the dynamic nature of cancer and use this knowledge to disrupt the programs that maintain tumor survival.
Tracing Bacterial Evolution Across Billions of Years
Using simulations of metabolism as a kind of microscope, Dennis Vitkup and Germán Plata have identified patterns in how bacteria adapt and diversify at the phenotypic level, an important issue in evolutionary biology.
Diverse Autism Mutations Lead to Different Disease Outcomes
People with autism exhibit a wide range of symptoms. Now a large-scale analysis of hundreds of patients has started to uncover how diversity among traits can be traced to differences in patients’ genetic mutations.
Grant Will Support Annotation of Metabolic Networks in Pathogenic Bacteria
A team led by Associate Professor Dennis Vitkup has received a multiyear grant to develop models of metabolic networks for all of the major bacterial species that cause disease in humans.
Study of Cancer Metabolism Identifies Potential Drug Targets
A study led by Dennis Vitkup and postdoctoral research scientist Jie Hu has identified a broad spectrum of metabolic expression changes associated with cancer, as well as hundreds of possible targets for starving tumors.