Harris Wang


World's Smallest Tape Recorder is Built from Microbes
In new research, Harris Wang presents a novel, scalable framework to record time-based biological signals into genomes of bacterial population using the CRISPR-Cas adaptation system. This work enables the measurement of dynamic cellular states and environmental changes, and suggests new applications for chronicling biological events on a large scale.
Harris Wang Named Recipient of Presidential Early Career Award
The PECASE is considered the United States’ highest award for early career scientists and engineers, recognizing exceptional innovation and leadership at the frontiers of knowledge and technology development.
A Grand Challenge for Genome Engineering: GP-write
In June 2016 an international consortium announced an ambitious proposal to develop new technologies for synthesizing large genomes. Virginia Cornish and Harris Wang discuss what the effort hopes to achieve.
Columbia Awarded NCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology
The Center for Cancer Systems Therapeutics (CaST) is developing a framework that can account for the dynamic nature of cancer and use this knowledge to disrupt the programs that maintain tumor survival.
Wang Lab Work on Bioeconomics Featured in Wall Street Journal
A collaboration between a biologist and an economist led to a new framework for describing how bacteria exchange metabolic resources. It offers a new lens for studying microbial communities based on economic theories.