Peter Sims

Selected Publications

Men Y, Fu Y, Chen Z, Sims PA, Greenleaf WJ, Huang Y. Digital polymerase chain reaction in an array of femtoliter polydimethylsiloxane microreactors. Anal Chem. 2012 May 15;84(10):4262-6.

Shiroguchi K, Jia TZ, Sims PA, Xie XS. Digital RNA sequencing minimizes sequence-dependent bias and amplification noise with single molecule barcodes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jan 24; 109 (4): 1347-1352.

Sims PA, Greenleaf WJ, Duan H, Xie XS. Fluorogenic DNA sequencing in PDMS microreactors. Nat Methods. 2011 Jun 12;8(7):575-80.

Sims PA, Xie XS. Probing dynein and kinesin stepping with mechanical manipulation in a living cell. Chemphyschem. 2009 Jul 13;10(9-10):1511-6.

Nan X, Sims PA, Xie XS. Organelle tracking in a living cell with microsecond time resolution and nanometer spatial precision. Chemphyschem. 2008 Apr 4;9(5):707-12.