Peter Sims


Integrating Single-Cell Sequencing with Live Cell Imaging
Jointly awarded a $1.5 million NIH grant, the Sims Lab and Cell Microsystems are collaborating to build and test a novel single-cell analysis platform that enables live cell imaging on a large scale and at low cost.
PLATE-Seq to Advance Personalized Cancer Treatment
Drug screening and analysis is critical in advancing research of cancer therapeutics. To this end, a Systems Biology-led team has developed PLATE-Seq, a new technique for low-cost, bulk mRNA sequencing. Coupled with genome-wide regulatory network analysis, the new method advances the goal of providing personalized treatment to patients.
Systems Biology Faculty Nab Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Grants to Advance Human Cell Atlas
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, cofounded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is supporting single-cell genomics research by Peter Sims (pictured above) and Raul Rabadan to help advance the Human Cell Atlas project. Launched in 2016, the Human Cell Atlas is attempting to identify and define every cell type and create a collection of maps to describe the cellular basis of health and disease.
Erin Bush Receives CP&S Officer of Research Award
A staff associate in the Department of Systems Biology and Columbia Genome Center, Erin helped develop a low cost, high throughout RNA-sequencing technology that allows researchers to screen drugs for genetic effects.
Automated, Single Cell RNA-Seq Enables Research on Tumor Ecology
A new technology developed in the Sims Lab makes it easier to explore functional diversity among cancer cells, and is playing a key role in several Department research projects.