Raul Rabadan


Symposium to Spotlight Advancements in Translational Cancer Research
February 7-8 Cancer Genomics and Mathematical Data Analysis Symposium to feature talks by leading computational biologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, and oncologists. Registration required and conference to be held at Heart Conference Center, Columbia University Medical Center.
At the Intersection of Math and Genomics
Introducing the Program for Mathematical Genomics, a new research hub at Columbia where computer scientists, mathematicians, evolutionary biologists and physicists can come together to uncover quantitative techniques to tackle fundamental biomedical problems. The interdisciplinary program aims to advance research in an emerging, rapidly growing field.
It’s All In the Math: New Tool Provides Roadmap for Cell Development
Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have created a new tool to describe the many possible ways in which a cell may develop. Rooted in the mathematical field of topology, the tool provides a roadmap that offers detailed insight into how stem cells give rise to specialized cells.
Columbia Awarded NCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology
The Center for Cancer Systems Therapeutics (CaST) is developing a framework that can account for the dynamic nature of cancer and use this knowledge to disrupt the programs that maintain tumor survival.
Study of Glioblastoma Tumor Evolution Reveals Strategies Against Advanced Disease
Genetically distinct populations of cells appear to drive malignancy before and after therapy. The findings provide insights into GBM drug resistance and how it might be overcome.