Michael Shen

Michael Shen


Professor, Departments of Medicine, Genetics & Development, Urology, and Systems Biology


Department of Genetics and Development
Department of Systems Biology
Department of Medicine

Michael Shen is a Professor in the Department of Medicine, Genetics and Development, Urology and Systems Biology. His laboratory pursues basic and translational research in the areas of mammalian embryogenesis and stem cell differentiation, as well as development of the prostate gland and molecular mechanisms of prostate tumorigenesis. These studies primarily utilize in vivo analyses involving genetically engineered mice as well as organoid culture methods to investigate molecular pathways, and integrate with systems approaches to elucidate mechanisms of cellular differentiation and cancer.

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The Center for Topology of Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity will combine new mathematical approaches and single-cell experimental technologies to study cellular diversity in solid tumors.
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Measurements of the expression levels of three genes associated with aging can be used to better assess which patients with indolent prostate cancer require treatment.
Study Supports Cell-of-Origin Model of Prostate Cancer Heterogeneity
The cell-of-origin model suggests that the aggressiveness of a tumor may result from the type of cell from which it arises. A new study has identified molecular signatures that hold potential as biomarkers of specific prostate cancer subtypes.