Oliver Hobert


Stress Wracks Worm Nerves, Leaving Lasting Memories
In a new study, led by Professor Oliver Hobert, PhD, scientists stunted the puberty of male worms by starving them before they underwent sexual maturation. The study, published in Nature, suggested that stress from starvation even days before sexual maturation prevented normal changes in the wiring patterns of key neuronal circuits, which caused adult male worms to act immature.
Oliver Hobert Named Javits Neuroscience Investigator
This prestigious grant supports investigators who have demonstrated exceptional achievement throughout their careers. It will enable the Hobert Lab to investigate sex-based differences in the regulation of neuronal identity.
Three CUMC Faculty Members Receive Interdisciplinary Appointments
Columbia University Medical Center professors Oliver Hobert, Richard Mann, and Rodney Rothstein have joined the Department of Systems Biology to facilitate collaborative research.