Harmen Bussemaker


New Method for Identifying Genetic Alterations that Modulate Gene Expression
The Bussemaker Lab showed that variants in cofactor genes called cQTLs can change the connectivity between transcription factors and their target genes.
Four Columbia Systems Biology Papers Named among Top Publications
The ISCB/RECOMB Conference on Regulatory and Systems Genomics has announced its top 10 papers of 2014-2015. Four of them involve investigators from the Columbia University Department of Systems Biology.
Harmen Bussemaker Named Guggenheim Fellow
The award supports a project that will combine methods from biophysics and genetics in order to predict the behavior of gene regulatory networks, and test these predictions using wet lab experiments.
Harmen Bussemaker Receives Lenfest Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award
The awards are given annually to faculty of unusual merit across a range of professorial activities, with a primary emphasis on the instruction and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.