Department of Systems Biology / MAGNet Annual Retreat

Department of Systems Biology Faculty Members

Tappan Hill Mansion
81 Highland Avenue
Tarrytown, NY

The Department of Systems Biology and Center for Multiscale Analysis of Genomic and Cellular Networks (MAGNet) holds its annual retreat for department members. The event will feature the following presentations:

Session I

Dana Pe'er

Using single cell technologies to uncover cancer heterogeneity

Barry Honig

Generation of single-cell identity by clustered protocadherins

Tuuli Lappalainen

Using transcriptome sequencing to understand mechanisms of disease

Aris Floratos

Integrated access to computational tools for systems and structural biology

Session II

Andrea Califano

MicroRNA mediated tumorigenesis

Milan Stojanovic

Exercises in molecular computing

Dennis Vitkup

Phenotypic evolution on planetary timescales

Adolfo Ferrando


Session III

Sagi Shapira

Using integrative biology to understand pathogen-host interactions

Peter Sims

Tackling cellular heterogeneity in glioblastoma

Lawrence Shapiro

Deep sequencing of B cells from infected donors suggests vaccine strategies for HIV

Session IV

Harris Wang

Understanding microbial communities through multiplexed genome engineering

Chaolin Zhang

Dissecting a modular RNA splicing regulatory program in neurodevelopment

Yufeng Shen

Tumor subclonal copy number alterations and heterogeneity